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Sharing the same values is the foundation of our management and success. With common values and vision we can ensure enduring value creation for all stakeholders.

About us

The organization is made up of Hartmann family members and highly trusted staff who share a vision of work ethic, entrepreneurship and long-term prosperity of the Holding and its subsidaries. ​

From entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs

We have successfully established a number of leading companies, such as, ShoppingLive,, FastLane, SIMILE Vetures and Hartstart. As a serial-entrepreneurs we're a well know experts in ecommerce, retail and real-estate investments. We employ more than 10000 professionals accross our organizations.

Rybakov Fundation

Institute of accelerating economic development.


KupiVIP Group

Is the largest Russian player in the field of e-commerce. The structure KupiVip Group includes:,,, service division KupiVip E-commerce Services and - online store of shoes and accessories.

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